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AstroLab means ASTROnomical and LABoratory technologies

AstroLab is small consortium of some specialists interested in research and development
of astronomical, measurenent and laboratory technologies. 

We also works as normal engineering office. Our equipment is  CAD system Siemens SolidEdge 
and FEA analyser FEMAP, LISA and MECWAY

We are here since 1991 and we made many interesting jobs in various disciplines
(Astronomy, medicine, measurement technologies, education).

Some of our projects are listed here:


  •   ALPD and ALLA - Laser measuring system

        A few years ago we develoed a simple laser position detector 
        for "LIMTEK laser" company .

        Below is listed some informations about our measuring system:

For newest informations about our laser measuring system,
click here - file:

We named it an "ALPD" (AstroLab Position Detector). 
        First completely finished version was ALPD3.

        When USB2.0 interface was established, we developed a new version
        of the detector - ALPD5 with accuracy ut to + -0.0025 mm
         From ALPD5 we are developing a two new detectors:
            -ALPD6: very durable and cheap, accuracy 0.01mm;
                            screeen size 20x20mm
            -ALPD7: high precision detector - accuracy is better than 0.001mm;
                            screen size 10x10mm

        For ALPD5,6,7 we developed a many special measuring and real time adjusting
        procedures (straightness measurement, flatness, verticality, perpendicularity....) 
        for large machines and constructions. 
        We reached the accuracy better than 0.02mm / 10m

        For ALPD detectors we developed an adjustable semiconductor laser ALLA.
        (Curent version is ALLA2). This device alows very quick set-up procedure. 
        With adjusting screws you can align a laser as is needed and starts the
        measurement. The device is supplied via USB interface - The notebook 
        (or standard PC with WIN XP or Win7, 8) is everything what you need for
        measurement  with ALPD and ALLA.

        Some pictures of ALPD detectors and ALLA are listed here.

       The ALPD was used in SMERAL Brno, Fermat a.s., TEPLARNY Brno, TDZ Partners, CKD Turbotechnik, etc....



  • Mechanical Enginnering:

    For TG Drives Brno, Enetex-TEP and many others we developed: 
        -Laser Cutting machine with dual 1500x1000mm work table
        -Many power units (motor+gearbox....)
        - 20kg 6axis welding robot
         -2kg 3axis hyper speed robot
         -76 000Nm high torque stepping gearbox
    many engineering calculations (FEA, dynamic, static...)

  • Medical Enginnering:

    for Parabel.cz we developed three lifting systems for rehabilitation of patient.
    Some of these systems allow dynamical unweight of pacient when patient is walking or running

  •   For planetarium in Prague we developed and manufactured:
       - Zeiss Cosmorama lift system, which allows to rise Cosmorama prohection system  1250mm up. 

       - Robotic solar radiotelescope with videotelescope
         This device shows the radio and visual picture of Sun to public there.

  •     For Stefanik observatory (Prague,Petøín) we developed and produced:
       -  night cloud coverage detector for fully automatic skywatching system.
      -  special  education tables with basic experiments from optics and physics
       -  each year we making manitenance of all big telescopes on this observatory

  •  Repairs and general reconstructions of an astronomical equipment
            - During our activities we built a large knowledge base. Now, if you have
              a problem, with yours astroequipment, when it needs a repair or reconstruction.
              we can help you.
            - We finished a general repair of two telescopes (Zeiss Coude 150mm, Cassegrain 200mm
              on observatory Michalovce - Slovakia)


  •    We upgraded  some astronomical telescopes to fully robotical state: 
            - 650mm refractor to fully robotical (observatory Ondøejov - Czech.rep)
            - 600mm refractor to fully robotical (with robotisation of the roof)
              (observatory Skalnate Pleso - Slovakia)
            - Complete renovation and robotization of Zenit Telescope 
             (Observatory Ondøejov - CZ)
  •    Upgrade of Coude focus of 2m large telescope (observatory Ondøejov)

  •    We made new, fully robotical 500mm refractor for observatory Ondøejov
  •    We upgraded both 500mm solar spectrographs
        (HSFA1,HSFA2)to  fully robotical devices (Ondøejov)
  •     We installed many videocameras to various industrilal and medical devices.



This is small part of our jobs... you can write us your problem and we will see.

(c) AstroLab 2018